Want to try this Heston Blumenthal recipe. Looks mad. The only problem is that this is the recipe used at the restaurant – with all the process and ingredients that I just don’t have. Might attempt it with gelatine – any thoughts?

400g Swede juice passed through chinois
0.4g saffron
2.4g salt
20g chardonnay vinegar
0.9g Gellan LT100

Infuse the swede juice with saffron for 6 hours in fridge and strain. Combine juice, salt and chardonnay vinegar into Thermomix and bring up to 100°c on full heat on speed 2. Remove lid and add the gellan. Blitz on speed setting 4 for 2 minutes on full heat. Heat the sauce dispenser so the gel will not set to quickly and dispense into oil sprayed egg moulds. Allow to set for 10 minutes on workbench before dispensing white.

110g Double cream
380g passed turnip juice
4g salt
10g fish sauce
0.8 Gellan LT100
0.2 Gellan F0.8 Guar Gum

Combine cream, juice, salt and fish sauce into thermomix and bring to 100C on full heat on speed setting 2. Remove lid and add Gellans and Guar Gum. Blitz for 2 minutes on speed setting 4 on full heat. Dispense on to the yolk in moulds and allow too set overnight.

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