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Where in Bristol? ┬ęPhotograph by Done With Errors. Contact us if you want to use it/get a big version.



Vents #1

The real thing

Both children are making truffles. Child #2 [pointing to a plate of cocoa that we’re rolling the truffles in]: We make cakes with that. Child #1: And lots of other things. Like Cocoa Cola.


Daddy: “Why have you got a shell in your pocket?” Child #1: “It’s one of my powers. I’m Agent #1 at school and I need my powers to turn Olivia into a Jammie Dodger.”


Daddy [to Child #1]: “…so, endangered is when there are only a few of you and extinct is when there’s none of you.” Child #2 [looking indignant]: “I don’t stink.”


Another Rick Stein recipe for a Vietnamese soup. I’ve tried this and it’s lovely. Has taken over from Tom Yum soup as my healthy meal of choice! Rice noodles shallots ginger star anise fennel seeds cinnamon beef stock spring onions thin slices of raw beef to put in at the end of cooking fish sauce […]

Duck a l’orange oriental-style

One from Rick Stein’s latest series. Looks nice. I’ve yet to try, or even to get the book to see if I’ve written it down correctly… Duck Star anise fish sauce palm sugar lime juice lemongrass orange juice


Child #2: “But I want to go to the gym.” Mummy: “You can’t. You’ve pulled your whole toenail off.” Child #2 [indignantly]: “I didn’t want it there.”