Monthly Archives: November 2009


For the kids: Le Corbeau et le Renard

Where’s my monkey?

I want not to like it, but I just can’t help myself. Monkey

Medal #9

Sympathetic noises

Daddy: “So, what did the doctor say to you at the hospital?” Child #2: “He said ‘Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh’”

Probably not

Child #2 [looking at the newspaper daddy is reading]: Who’s that? Daddy: That’s Alistair Campbell. Child #2: Does he have a winkie?

Not quite Jools Holland

How can you compete with TV like this – ?

Medal #8


Saw a man talking on his mobile while driving his shopmobility down the middle of the road. Hope he doesn’t crash and become extra disabled.

RIP The Cat #3

We still get sad about the cat. It’s the not-thereness.

Thriller’s for life, not just for halloween