Monthly Archives: May 2010


As messy as it’s magazine (they could take a tip or two from Gumtree there) but we love it –


Child #2: “I’m not very well. I have an asthma. I need to go to hostipal.”


Child #2: “Daddy smells of poo. And farties. And burps.” Child #1 [glumly]: “I wish I didn’t have a nose”


The 2010 Election result: Votes Seats Votes per seat Tories 10.7 million 306 35,000 Labour 8.6 million 258 33,000 LibDems 6.8 million 57 119.000                                             



Child #2: “Oh no. A star fell from the nuit.”


Daddy [going through this week’s spellings]: “How do you spell ‘I’m’?” Child #1: “Easy. I – apostranaut – M.”


Child #2 [matter of fact-ly]: “I’m in love with the stairs”

Child locks

Mummy: “You’re not having any chocolate because you were very naughty. You shouldn’t have opened the car door while daddy was driving.” Child #2: “It’s not my fault. You should have chosen another car. An indigo one.”

Party food

Daddy: “Did you have fun at school today?” Child #1: “Yes. We had party food. 3 biscuits and some apple juice” [thinks for a bit] “Not much, but still fun.”