Monthly Archives: October 2009

Jamie Oliver

Things you don’t want to hear on arriving home (#2)

“Can you not disturb me. I’m playing my trumpet.”

RIP cat #2

A letter arrived for the cat today and it was sad and funny at the same time. It seems we’d put her name down for receiving cat food promos as Miss A Minouche…

Expenses – exactly.

Medal #7


The stream of Micheal Jackson demos released on the net continues. They are ALL incredible. Imagine having the so many quality tracks lined up for the Thriller LP that this gets left on the shelf?!?

Things you don’t want to hear on arriving home (#1)

“My ‘jamas have gone in the wee-wee.”

The Locke

A cocktail invented for my friend Tony. You can see a picture here. 1 measure Tequila 1 measure blackcurrant-flavoured Gin 1 measure Litchi syrup Shake with ice. Serve with a slice of lime and sophisticated company.

B flat

Clever –

Instruction #3

The third in a series of sentences you never thought you’d hear yourself saying. “Don’t touch the cat’s bottom.”