Monthly Archives: February 2011

Mummy doesn’t like nature

Daddy [driving the family back from a nature walk]: “That was fun, wasn’t it girls? What were your favourite bits?” Child#1: “When we saw the water snail.” Child#2: “When mummy stepped in a puddle and her shoe came off.” Mummy [to me]: “The bit where I imagined punching you in the face.”


Daddy: “How come you’re not going to school next monday? Halfterm is this week.” Child #1: “It’s an insect training day.”

And they say romance is dead…

Daddy: “So, what are you going to make for the school valentine cake sale?” Mummy: “I don’t know. Some shit with hearts on.”


Probably the most important article there will be this year:


Water bottle light bulbs



from tooth fairy <> to date 3 February 2011 23:55 subject Tooth Thank you for your tooth of the 3rd February that I retrieved last night from under your pillow and the note that came with it. I collect teeth to build my tooth fairy palace and need a lot to keep it looking like […]