Monthly Archives: March 2012


Child #1: “Apparently you can’t burp in space.”


Daddy has to question another child in class about the ‘dissapearance’ of a toy belonging to Child #1. Child #1 isn’t there but Child#2 is.  The other child denies taking it but it’s fairly obvious she’s not telling the truth. As we’re walking away Child #2 shakes her head and says seriously to me:  “She […]


Child #2: “I don’t hear very well, I think I need to get my ears pierced.”

Oh no, she didn’t…..

Child #2: [walking up to a lady with dwarfism in a wheelchair] “Are you an oompa loompa?”


[Mummy walks back into the lounge] Mummy [to Child #2]: “Excuse me. Stop drinking Mummy’s wine, please.” Child #2: “He! My eyes have gone fizzy!”