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Japanese sweets #3

Japanese sweets #2

Pineapple – these were the nicest by a long stretch.

Japanese sweets #1

Nice orange.

Eyjafjallajokull #2


A great idea and a great cause –

Pretty volcanoes


I was told that one of the questions on the excellent Who Should I Vote For? site gave a false positive. They have corrected that so I did the quiz again. I guess I must have answered a couple of questions differently than last time (some of them are ambiguous, dependent or only answerable in […]



[In the car. Driving at speed.] Child #1: “What was that?” Daddy: “I think it was a statue of Jesus. i’m not sure what it was doing there. I tried to read what it said but we were going a bit fast.” Child #2 [Quietly, and I think directed at me]: “Anyway, Jesus doesn’t like […]


Child #2 [has her first taste of Coke]: “I like it. It’s a bit pique. Does that mean it’s got germs in it?”