Monthly Archives: November 2009

Coming home

Child #2: “Where’s Mummy?” Daddy [reassuringly]: “Don’t worry. She’s just popped out for a while. She’ll be back soon.” Child #2 [thinks for a minute]: “Then we better hide!”


Child #1 is playing with her Gameboy. Daddy [wonders out loud]: “I wonder how old the Gameboy is now?” Child #1: “It can’t be very old because it’s still very small.”


More foraged food! Made these last month: UPDATE – They’re really nice and compare well with capers. I wouldn’t be bothered spicing the vinegar next time, though. Just seems to add a whole lot of unneccessary flavours.



More splodges

Instruction #5

#5 in a series of sentences you never thought you’d hear yourself saying: “Don’t wipe your bottom on the carpet”

At the seaside