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Child #2: “Put that one down on Done With Aeros.”

Instruments of death

Mummy: “[child#2] wants to play the hornet.”  


[While planning December 25th] Mummy: “No! I’m not having Christmas completely taken over by festive stuff!”

Gut feeling

Child #2: “I ate something funny and then it hurt in my in-testes.”


Child #2: “This place will be spick and spot when I’m finished!”

No context

Child #2 [overheard from the next room speaking to her sister]: “If you look into mint it really hurts your eyes.”  

Mock deferance

Daddy: “Can you tidy this away for me?” Child #2: “Yes, your gratefulness.”

Raising money

Child #2: “Mummy, can we sell a few of my pants?”


Daddy: “Oh, you’ve made a model village. That’s nice.” Child #2: “Yeah, I’m going to desecrate it next.”


Child #2: “Mummy, when we die you and daddy can wear necklaces with our tongues on them.”